Hi, I’m Paul. I’m a CD/AD based in Los Angeles.

Growing up, I’ve always been drawn to art and science. In college I foolishly thought I could go pre-med AND pursue my dream of becoming a comic book artist. So I majored in microbiology and moonlighted as an illustrator. As the dot coms came booming, I worked as a designer/animator and dabbled with coding. 

As a creative director, not much has changed. From collaborative, digital art installations to talking shoes and mini-musicals, I love combining art and technology to create unique brand solutions. 

As for my dream of becoming a comic book artist? I’ve started drawing again and with some luck, you might see my work on shelves or streaming somewhere soon.

Thanks for stopping by.



Allstate, BallPark Franks, Billabong USA, CBS Films, eHarmony, Energizer, Gatorade, Google, Harman International, Infiniti, LifeLock, Method, Nestlé, Netflix, Nissan, Northrop Grumman, Pepsi, Sony PlayStation, Target, Uber